Ski School Online Reservation Notices

Online Reservation Notices

This is important information regarding lesson reservations. Please read carefully.

  1. Group lesson is only in Japanese.
  2. When taking lessons, please sign up at the school by 30 minutes before the lesson start time. The school may cancel your lessons in case of last-minute or late arrivals. If you will be late, please be certain to contact the school.
  3. For children of elementary school age or younger enrolled in lessons, we ask that guardians come to pick up their children at the lesson start point at the lesson finish time. If you will be late to pick up your children, please be certain to contact the school.
  4. Please print out and bring with you to the school the reservation confirmation e-mail you received.
  5. This online reservation system accepts reservations placed up to three days before the lesson date.
  6. When no availability is indicated for your desired lesson, or when applying for lessons within three days prior to the lesson date, we may be able to accommodate your request in some cases. Please contact the ski school directly by telephone (+81 136-22-0921) or via the contact form.
  7. Please be aware of the dangers of snow sports or activities in natural environments, and obey the ski area rules and regulations.
  8. During lessons, please wear appropriate snow sportswear top and bottom, hat, goggles or sunglasses, and gloves. In the intrest of guest well being appropriate head wear must be worn (a helmet or beanie). Thank you for understanding regarding this matter.
  9. For safety, our ski school recommends wearing helmets, especially for children.
  10. If you should have any medical conditions, food allergies for lessons with lunch included, or any other health concerns, please be certain to inform us when applying for lessons.
  11. Participants who reserve lessons across multiple continuing days may have different instructors each day. Thank you for understanding regarding this matter.
  12. This reservation system cannot be used to make reservations for private lessons where a specific instructor is to be specified. To make such reservations, please call the ski school directly (+81 136-22-0921) or send in a contact form.

Regarding Reservation Change or Cancellation

・The following penalties will be charged based on the date of cancellation.

  • Cancelled the day before … 50% of lesson fee
  • Same day cancellation or no-show … 100% of lesson fee

・Due to weather or other conditions, it may not be possible to hold scheduled lessons. In this case, no cancellation fees will be charged.

・Reservation changes cannot be made through this online reservation system. Please contact the ski school directly by telephone (+81 136-22-0921) or via the contact form.

Niseko Grand Hirafu snow school

Reliably improve your skills while enjoying the world-famous, high-quality snow!

Where to make reservation or check in Snow School counter (Snow School is inside the .Base)
Reception time from 8:00 to 16:30
Contact +81 136-22-0921

Discount lift ticket set

  • Lift tickets are included in lesson fees during lesson times for those in the first time class.
  • For customers not in the first time class, we offer discount lift tickets valid during ski school lessons.
    Tickets for half-day lessons are ¥500. Tickets for full-day lessons are ¥1000.
    Please purchase these tickets from the ski school counter when checking for your lesson.

Rental gear discounts

  • Customers taking lessons can take advantage of specially discounted prices on our rental gear.

Hotel guest discount

  • Customers staying at the Hotel Niseko Alpen receive discounted ski school rates.
  • We will provide a refund of the discount portion at the ski school.
    ¥300 off for half-day. ¥500 off for full-day.

Guide to lesson levels

  Ski Snowboarding
L1 First time Without any experience Without any experience
L2 Beginner Able to snowplow Able to slide back and forth on one edge
L3 Comfortable Beginner Ability to link strong snowplow turns or wide stance parallel. Able to make consecutive turns on the gentle slope.
L4 Intermediate Able to ski with skis parallel Able to make consecutive turns
L5 Expert Able to ski on any slope with skis parallel Able to make turn on the steep