Gear rental notes

About gear rental reservations

There is a limit to the number of items that can be reserved. Please make your reservations early.
When paying, feel free to let us know if you would like to rent any additional small items.

*We will require some form of ID for rentals. Please have a driver's license, insurance card, student ID, or passport with you when you come in.

Online reservation notes

  1. I understand that there are dangers involved in the use of skis, snowboards, and ski boards that could result in injuries and other accidents.
  2. No refunds on rental gear will be made under any circumstances. This also includes situations where the lifts are stopped.
  3. I understand that there are limits to the safety provided by ski bindings and that they cannot 100% guarantee the user's safety.
  4. There are no safety functions (full release functions) on snowboards and snowblade bindings. As injury can therefore result from falls and collisions, please exercise due caution when on the slopes.
  5. All damage or disabilities resulting from falls, collisions or other accidents that occur while using rental gear will be the responsibility of the user, and regard for your own safety is advised.
  6. The user of the rental gear will be responsible for its storage and return. Be aware that the user will be charged a prescribed amount for any damaged, lost, or stolen rental gear.
  7. Please be sure to verify release values for ski bindings when renting them.
  8. While we will perform adjustments as requested by the customer on items brought in, we accept no responsibility for any injuries or accidents that may result from such adjustments.
  9. Please return rental gear by the return date and time. To extend rental periods, please contact this rental office in advance.
  10. The full amount will be charged for same-day cancellations.
  11. Senior rates for rental gear apply to those 60 and over.
  12. We accept reservations from this reservations page up until three days before the day of rental.
  13. Changes to reservations cannot be made from this reservations page.
    Please give us a call at +81 136-22-0109, or use the contact form.