NISEKO TOKYU RESORT CO.,LTD (Niseko Mountain Resort, Grand Hirafu) Personal information protection policy

This homepage is operated and managed by NISEKO TOKYU RESORT CO.,LTD (Niseko Mountain Resort, Grand Hirafu) (hereafter referred to as "Our company"). We recognize the importance of our customers' personal information and handling it with care, and in order to provide better products and services, we carry out the below initiatives in acceptance of responsibility for protecting our customers' personal information.

[1] Observance of laws, etc.

Our company observes the Personal Information Protection Law and all other related laws and guidelines.

[2] Corporate systems

Our company establishes regulations in addition to rules necessary for each corporate procedure as it concerns the handling of, and systems to maintain, personal information, and creates for each section organizations overseen by managers as efforts to build systems aimed at protecting personal information.

[3] Acquisition of personal information

When acquiring personal information from our customers, we will indicate the purposes for which that information is to be used and acquire it only to achieve those purposes.

[4] Use of personal information

Our company uses information collected from our customers only for the purposes initially disclosed to the customer, and will not use it for any other purposes. Information acquired from our customers may be used by the Tokyu Land Corporation group companies or companies affiliated with our company. Customers who would like their information to not be used, please contact us.

[5] Restrictions on provision of personal information to third parties

Excluding situations where we have received consent from the customer in advance, in situations outlined in [4] above, or for legal reasons, we will not provide or disclose our customers' personal information to third parties without that customer's consent.

[6] Personal information disclosure, revisions, additions and deletions, suspension of use, and erasure

Our company will promptly respond to any reasonable and necessary requests from our customers for review, revisions, etc. of any personal information we collect. In conducting such procedures, we may verify the customer's identity. We will also charge a service fee in the case of any disclosures.

[7] Maintaining the accuracy of personal information

Our company takes appropriate measures to ensure that the personal information we maintain is accurate and up-to-date.

[8] Safety management measures

Our company strictly manages its customers' personal information and takes precautions and safety measures against its improper access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc.

[9] Corporate training

Our company provides training to our employees in the protection of personal information, and this information is disseminated throughout the company.

[10] Supervision of trustees

Regarding our company's usage of its customers' personal information, our company may entrust to a third party this information if it is to be used for legitimate purposes. In such cases, we mandate that this information be securely managed and provide oversight.

[11] Continuous review of internal systems

Our company performs continuous review and improvement of our organizational systems focused on regulations concerning the handling of personal information and the carrying out of said regulations in order to ensure that they continue to be valid and appropriate.

[12] Use of cookies

Information known as cookies may be sent to our users' computers for the purpose of validating traffic information and services provided to customers who view our website. This information will be stored on the hard disk or in the memory of the user's computer. Cookie information is used only in marketing analyses for our website and in providing services, and will therefore not violate our customers' privacy.

[13] Exclusions

Our website includes links to external websites, and our company assumes no responsibility for protecting personal information when our users visit those sites.