Gear Rental Reservations

Gear Rental Reservations:01

To make a reservation for skis, snowboards and other rental gear, click the "Reserve Rental Gear" button in the red box from the reservation system and proceed to the rental gear list.

Before making a reservation, please read the rental reservation notes by clicking on "» Read the Notes".

Gear Rental Reservations:02

The rental gear list appears.

After deciding the gear you would like to rent, click the "Proceed to Reservation Details" button in the red box.

Gear Rental Reservations:03

The rental gear overview and price chart appears.

Fill in details such as the date, time, and sizes for the gear to be rented under (1).

Clicking the "Recalculate" button under (2) displays the rental rates according to the rental conditions selected under (1).

Clicking the "Add to Cart" button under (3) adds the reservation details to your cart.

Gear Rental Reservations:04

The gear rental reservation has been added to your cart.

Reservation details that have been added will remain in your browsers cache for one week, allowing that information to remain saved even if you close your browser within that period.

The reservation has yet to be completed at this stage. To complete the reservation, payment for the reservation must be processed. (→ Cart / Payment)

For multiple reservations, please repeat the above process.