Reservation History

Reservation History:01

To check member information, click the "Member Menu" in the red box.

On the Member Information Screen, you can view your "Reservation History", as well as "Edit Member Information" and "Cancel Membership".

Reservation History:02

The Member Information Screen appears.
Here you can check your "Member Information" and "Reservation History".

In the Reservation History List in the red box, all reservations made in the past are shown. Click the "Details" button to see more details about your reservation history.

Reservation History:03

Reservation history details are shown.

On the Details screen, you will find "Reservation Details" such as reservation dates for this reservation and order ID numbers, as well as hotel room plans you have reserved and "Reservation Details", "Total Price", and "Other Comments" for gear rentals, lift passes, and snow school lessons.

To go back to the Member Menu, click the "Return to My Page" button in the red box.