Membership Registration

Membership Registration:01

Completing reservations that have been added to your cart requires complete your membership registration, logging into the reservation system, and making payment via PayPal.

Membership registration is free. Proceed to the Membership Registration Screen from the "Free Membership Registration" link in the red box.

If you have already completed membership registration, please login.

Membership Registration:02

The membership registration information entry form appears.

*After completely filling in all required fields, click the "Proceed to Confirmation Screen" button.

Membership Registration:03

The Membership Registration Information Confirmation Screen appears.

After confirming registration details, click the "Register" button under (1) if satisfied.
To edit any information, click the "Return to Edit Screen" button under (2).

Membership Registration:04

The first step of member registration has been completed.

An e-mail entitled "[Niseko Grand Hirafu] URL for membership registration" will be sent to the e-mail address you registered. Please click on the URL provided in the e-mail and bring it up in your browser.

Membership Registration:05

This concludes membership registration.

You can now log in with the ID (or e-mail address) and password you registered.

After completing membership registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail entitled "[Niseko Grand Hirafu] membership registration has been completed".



In the red box, enter the "ID" and "Password"you provided during membership registration and click the "Login" button to log in.


After logging in, the ID and password entry fields in the web page header will change to display your details.

If you forget your password

If you forget your password:01

Go to the reset password screen from the "Click here if you have forgotten your password", accessible from the page header or from your cart.

Enter your login ID under (1) and click the "Reset Password" button under (2).

If you forget your password:02

The Password Reset Completed Screen appears.

A new password will be sent to that e-mail address provided at membership registration. To change your password, click on "Edit Member Information".